The videos below are a few projects I have delivered over the past three years, at varying levels.

All worked delivered while employed by Frontside Media.



During this process, the client and I would discuss content objectives, brand personality and its expected audience. All concepts would be storyboarded and agreed in partnership with the client.


I would act as the Director on site during the shoot. Managing all aspects of the production with regard to personnel, continuity and overall style of the video. Client liaison was also key to each project.


quality assurance

Every video during my time at Frontside would need to acquire a 'green light' from myself before being presented to client. This was to ensure a level of quality that was expected from myself and the client.

Wanted: New Sponsors

After delivering content throughout the year for this NSO, Hockey NZ tasked us with delivering a video that would compliment their powerpoint presentation. The client asked me to empower the viewer and drill home the importance and success of the Blacksticks form grass roots to Olympic Teams.


Strategy - Concept - QA

90 Minute Documentary Pilot

After seeing a poorly orchestrated season on a local dance collective, I approached Momentum Productions to see if they had an interest in making some content. I had then acquired a commit to broadcast from a Sky TV channel for a full 90 minute documentary, I then generated this 10 minute pilot showcasing what the full doco would look like and its subjects. Concept, location and style were all driven directly from myself.

Strategy - Concept - Director - QA