Honest Entrepreneur

The Honest Entrepreneur (HE) is a platform for an organisation or brand to be associated with personal growth, business acumen and career success. HE is an interview based, episodical video strategy that incorporates an Instagram page hosting short form trailers alongside full length videos to be hosted on the sponsors website/social feeds.

Each show is hosted by Gary Gumbleton (Founder of the CapCo Group). Gary picks up the guest in a Range Rover Velar and discusses a particular topic whilst driving locally. The topics and questions are pre-defined by the sponsor so both participants can prepare for the discussion. All locations are to be London and the South East. Each shoot takes no longer than an hour and all content is delivered within 5 working days.

Guests on the show can be anything that the sponsor requests. In the pilot episodes, the guests were chosen due to their career story. Future guests can include but not limited to:

  • Sponsor Staff (e.g. HOD staff profiles)

  • Board Members (e.g. pre IPO or board member recruitment)

  • Prospective Clients (e.g. Conversation starter as part of a sales strategy)

  • Industry Piers (e.g. Positioning sponsor as a ‘thought leader’)

For the price of £4000 + VAT per month (minimum 3 month term), the exclusive sponsor gets:



For every full length episode of HE, the sponsor gets 2 x 1 minute trailers posted via the HE Instagram page every month (24 in total). Each trailer is promoted to the sponsors requested demographic; directing the traffic to the sponsors website where the full episode is hosted.

Pilot Episode Statistics:

  • Demographic: London Based Entrepreneurs

  • Total Full Length Views: 2700+ (minimum 2500 guaranteed)

  • Total Reach: 19,000+ (minimum 15,000 guaranteed)



Each month, the sponsor will get 2 x 20 minute full episodes per month (12 in total) of the Honest Entrepreneur. These videos will be exclusively hosted via the sponsors website or Facebook page. Additional branding and CTA’s can surround the video to assist conversion.

Pilot Episode Statistics:

  • Website Traffic: 300% Increase

  • Revenue Based ROI: 200% based on RRP


Alongside the trailers and the full episodes, the sponsor will also be provided with the following content to assist in their own promotion:

  • Guest profile image and written bio

  • Instagram Stories (Portrait)

  • Episode announcement images (shown left)

In 2019, to drive relevant traffic to your website, an organisation needs to invest in more than just paid promotion. ‘Engaging Video Content’ is the leading tool to acquire the right eyeballs and then convert to customers (revenue or relationship building).

Putting the level of content that the Honest Entrepreneur creates in front of the right demographic can position the sponsor above its competitors; not only by ROI and website traffic but also through thought leadership, content generation and association with industry piers.

To talk further about becoming an exclusive sponsor, please contact Gary on 07884 366 914 or gary@capitalcontent.co.