What is the best way to market your business in a fast-moving and highly competitive industry like recruitment? Find innovative new ways to advertise your services that will make you stand out in an overcrowded space. 

When C&M Travel Recruitment, the largest and most successful specialist travel recruitment company in the UK, enquired about CapCo’s services, they had a very specific goal in mind: to be regarded as a thought leader in their field. The kick-off meeting between CapCo and C&M Travel Recruitment marked the start of a relationship that has resulted in the creation of a thriving content hub online and a best website award for C&M based on the creativity of its content. 

Your corporate videos don't have to be ground-breaking for them to have a huge impact. Often, it is the simplest ideas that engage with audiences the most. CapCo came up with a video content plan for C&M Travel Recruitment that focussed on its greatest asset: its employees. Speaking naturally on camera about a variety of subjects, from common CV errors to the recruitment process, the videos have been integral to the success of the C&M website. 

One of the biggest challenges for a recruitment company is gaining a better quality of both clients and candidates, and to do this it is vital to find creative ways to market your business. From snappy social media videos to high-quality explainer videos, get in touch to discuss how video marketing can help you achieve your business objectives. 

Staff Profile

Promotional videos for business are particularly engaging when they feature employees who love what they do. The antithesis of a stuffy corporate video, we suggested to C&M Travel Recruitment that it should give employees a voice with a series of upbeat profiles featuring key members of staff. Branch Manager Sarah Merry has been with C&M for 18 years and was shot by one of CapCo’s professional videographers in an outdoor setting for this authentic insight into company loyalty in an industry that is renowned for its high turnover of staff. 

Day In A Life

Corporate videos can benefit your company in many different ways, as this valuable piece of video marketing illustrates this ‘Day In A Life’ insight from UR Recruitment. They are able to assert itself as an industry leader that will do all it takes to satisfy its clients, without resorting to tired sales spiel. Making something different like a DIAL video can really set you apart in a crowded market place. 

Gaps in Your CV

Taking the involvement of staff one step further, we developed our promotional video ideas further by proposing a series of short explainer videos that would highlight the expertise of C&M’s employees. Filled with helpful tips for future candidates, recruitment consultant Simon clearly and concisely explains why it is unwise to leave a gap in you CV, and how honesty is the best policy if there is a period of time in which you didn’t work. Coming in at under 60 seconds made this a very shareable social media video – Facebook users have been found to engage most with content that is one minute in length.