Whether you are selling, building, designing or fitting out properties, incorporating promotional videos into your marketing strategy can give you the edge over your competitors. For this image-led industry, well thought-out corporate videos can be a real inspiration. You can engage people in ways that are just not possible through images alone – by taking them on a virtual tour of a space or, using drone videography, by giving them a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of a property. 

We are experienced in creating promotional videos for property companies, whatever business you are in. The way it works with CapCo is simple. As a content-led digital marketing agency, we will come up with original concepts for engaging videos to share online and on social media, filmed by our professional videographers. And unlike other video marketing companies, we don’t charge for our ideas. Our clients only pay for the video production, which allows us to offer all the benefits of a full-service digital agency without the corresponding costs. 

From 60-second social media videos to long form content designed to enhance your existing digital advertising, if you are in the property industry and are looking for a new way to promote your business to a captive audience online, please get in touch. 

Saracen Interiors

In an ongoing partnership, CapCo is working with Saracen Interiors, one of the UK’s leading office fit out and interior companies, to create evergreen video content for its website and to cover ad hoc projects. Saracen chose us as its video production agency because we are capable of creating engaging content not just of the finished product but also of the nitty-gritty – ongoing builds and refits – to show to its clients. In this recent corporate video, we headed to Cambridge for the day to film a progress report for Karl Zeiss, a global lens manufacturing company. When complete, the building will be a high-tech lab housing some of the world’s leading optical expertise. 

Copper Dot Marketing

Selling a property usually consists of an estate agent taking photos with a fisheye lens and sharing them online. But what if there was a more creative ways to market your business? Copper Dot enlisted the help of CapCo to create a series of compelling videos to sell its high-end properties online. The perfect length for sharing with house hunters on social media, in this video CapCo made beautiful use of drone videography to showcase the explosion of autumnal colour in the grounds of the impressive property before flinging open the doors for a tour of the house.