The below proposal is based on the Portugal Real Food Adventure. Prices may change per adventure but we wanted to base the proposal on a real world example.

As discussed in our meeting, Capital Content wanted to apply a ‘story based campaign’ to each project and add value to the current highlight reels that are being produced by your Melbourne Head Office. We believe that by creating contact moments (excuses to go back out over social with another piece of content) focused around an engaging, realtime story will help create an emotional connection with the Intrepid brand.

All content listed below has a total cost of £12k + VAT. Payment terms are based on 50% upfront and 50% paid within 14 days of completion. Additional costs (travel and accommodation) are to be covered by Intrepid.



Thought Leadership

Part of any adventure is preparation. Each trip has a specific approach and you want to make sure the consumer is not only prepared for the adventure but also make them feel confident they can take that trip; therefore making it easier for them to purchase. By providing Thought Leadership content at point of purchase, Intrepid can reactively market to the consumer and convert eyeballs to purchasing.

Included in this quote are 4 x 60 second Thought Leadership videos which can consist of:

  • What kind of person takes this adventure?

  • What to expect?

  • What to pack?

  • Top 5 activities

  • Key misconceptions

These videos would be hosted on the Intrepid site (specifically on the page of the adventure) but can also be posted via social. The post should then also be targeted to specific audiences using Facebook Lookalike Audiences.



Main Season

To expand on from the current 3 minute editorial highlight reel that is currently being produced by your Melbourne office, Capital Content believe in adding value to each project. To turn the project in to a full campaign, we would produce a 5 part season of videos that show the entire journey:

  • Booking Process - short video interviewing the subject in their home on why they picked the adventure and how excited they are. Shots to include the website booking process also.

  • Travel - Quick cut short video showing packing bag, leaving house, getting in car, plane taking off, plan landing, ‘flopping’ on bed.

  • Editorial - 3 to 5 minute story based video highlighting the entire adventure

  • Reflection - Short video interviewing subject back home reminiscing about their favourite bits

  • Next Adventure - short video showing subject unpacking and then going back to the website to start planning next adventure.

Adding the additional 4 videos around the editorial video engages the viewer (potential consumer) in to an episodical journey. It pulls the viewer back in each time you post the video. We would suggest creating short trailers (or images) with a CTA to watch the videos on your website. By doing this you are pulling them away from your social feeds and on to your website where there is additional branding and the ever important checkout process.



Realtime Content

Alongside the 5 part episodical campaign, Capital Content believe there is an opportunity to create realtime content to excite the viewer before the full project gets released. While the production crew are on site, content can be created and posted while it is happening. Utilising the tools we will have available, we can create the following content while on the adventure:

  • Instagram Hijack - Stories and posts created by our production team while on each adventure

  • Diary Entries - shot by our crew but shown like a ‘DIY’ video diary entry. This can be daily and include glossy shots captured that day

  • Realtime Editorials - Very short highlight reels of each days activities

Our key strategy is to create contact moments to help engage consumers. Using the content above will create a huge, realtime insight in to what goes on in each adventure. This content should be posted but not evergreen. It should be a build up campaign to the full 5 part campaign as listed in the previous section.


Team CapCo.jpg


As mentioned, by expanding out from the current editorial highlight reel in to an episodical and realtime strategy, you can engage the viewer in more ways than ever before.

Capital Content strive to change the norm in standard video content with objective based campaigns that really work.

Utilising all of the content that is quoted above, we truly believe that we can build a long standing partnership with Intrepid and look to be pioneers in destination based video content.

For any questions, please contact our Managing Director, Gary Gumbleton, on +447884 366 914