Video Content How To’s

If you’re struggling to create decent content for your business, you are not alone. One quick browse through Instagram or Facebook reveals many businesses in exactly the same boat. 

At CapCo it is our mission is to help individuals and organisations create better content, and that includes videos they have made themselves. In our CapCo Tips series we share our secrets to crafting compelling content using just your mobile phone. From live streaming to light levels, our how-to videos are quick to watch and super simple to initiate. 

Dual Broadcast

Up your live streaming game with a little help from CapCo’s Lauren. Watch our short video for her top tip on getting the most out of live streaming on Instagram and Facebook. To find out how live streaming events on social can be beneficial to your business, please get in touch.  

Ring Light

Are the videos you film on your phone always cloaked in darkness? CapCo’s Lauren has some quick and easy solutions to banish the gloom for good. Listen in to find out her top tips for filming beautifully lit content, even if it happens to be raining outside. 

Behind The Scenes

CapCo’s founder and Managing Director Gary has some insightful advice for businesses that will bring a whole new dimension to your corporate communications. If you are proud of what you do and want your audience to know what goes on behind the logo, listen in now. 

Internal Communications

If you are using a written newsletter to share your internal communications with your staff, our MD Gary has some news for you. Video content is a much more engaging way of filling your staff in on the essentials and it can be a great recruitment tool too. To find out more, give Gary a call. 


With a huge proportion of video watched on mute, how are you going to ensure your beautifully crafted message isn’t lost on your audience? Listen to our short video to find out because CapCo’s Lauren has the answer. 

Contact Moments

Are you frantically looking for a good reason to share content on social or email? Our MD Gary coined the phrase “contact moments” to describe this all-too-common predicament. If you are short on ideas on how to engage your audience, get in touch. 

Episodical Content

A logical tip here from our founder Gary, but one that gets overlooked far too often. Listen in to find out more about episodical content and how it is crucial to consistent storytelling. 

Rear Facing Camera

Should you hold your phone horizontally or vertically when filming content on your phone? Lauren answers your camera queries in our short video, which will help you get the most out of content you have created yourself.