Corporate Video Production


Video production is only one part of the puzzle when creating video content. First you need a strategy, then you need a concept. Once you have these locked down, you can then start to produce your videos.

Capital Content, based in Great London, can help with the strategy and the concepts but only charge for the production of the video. If you already have a strategy in mind, we can work together using our expertise to boost your digital presence even further. Check our pricing to see what’s possible for your budget. If you’re unsure on what it all means, drop us a line.

Our aim is to help your organisation in and around London make better content. From short and shareable social media videos to engaging long form content, we offer a full UK-wide video production service, with experienced corporate videographers who will take your brand communications to the next level. 

Please get in contact today to find out how CapCo can bring your corporate videos to life for any budget.


Some Examples of Corporate Video Production


Newton is a client who knows and understands how to use corporate videos to its best advantage. This video introduces a new Head Office Together project the company has launched to encourage staff to get to know each other as individuals as well as colleagues by buddying up and participating in fun team-building events, from learning to surf to playing ping pong in your lunchbreak. Distributed internally, the promotional video is shown to new recruits as well as existing staff, many of whom decided to sign up to the new scheme after watching it. 

Brand Recruitment

Brand Recruitment are a marketing and PR recruitment agency based in Cambridge. They worked with Capital Content to highlight the sectors that Brand operate in without the classic sales pitch. Each video shows a different staff member and covers each sector in a clean, simple video. In just 4 hours, Capital Content were able to shoot 20+ videos that included staff profiles and formatting for social media (square, 15 second trailers). As a leader in marketing and PR recruitment, Brand Recruitment understand the importance of video as part of their marketing mix.


As a vital tool in your digital marketing strategy, company videos can come in all shapes and sizes. We have created everything from conference interviews to small business videos, business promotion to internal comms, fully overseen and managed by our b2b video production manager. 


Please get in contact today to find out how CapCo can bring your corporate videos to life for any budget.

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