Corporate Video Production

Promote your business online by harnessing the power of video to create impactful corporate communications with a powerful message. At CapCo we really get under the skin of a company to tell its story in the most compelling way possible. 

Or aim is to help your organisation make better content. From short and shareable social media videos to engaging long form content, we offer a full UK-wide video production service, with experienced corporate videographers who will take your brand communications to the next level. 

A vital tool in your digital marketing strategy, company videos come in all shapes and sizes. We have created everything from conference videos to small business videos, business promotion videos to corporate strategy videos, fully overseen and managed by our b2b video production manager. 

Crafting creative content is our speciality, so if you want to get a new angle on your business video why not incorporate drone videography? 

Unlike other agencies, we don’t charge for our ideas. Our clients only pay for the video production, which allows us to offer all the benefits of a full-service digital agency without the sky high rates. 

Please get in contact today to find out how CapCo can bring your corporate videos to life. 


Telstra’s corporate video strategy is an inspiring example of how business videos can uphold your core values in a variety of ways. Opening and closing with drone footage of a football match, Telstra’s inspirational video tells the story of the company’s commitment to supporting the community in which it operates. Hosting a charity football tournament in aid of Hope for the Young, eight teams each donated £100 to play, with all proceeds going to the local charity, which helps young asylum seekers fulfill their dreams by getting an education. 


Newton is a client who knows and understands how to use corporate videos to its best advantage. This video introduces a new Head Office Together project the company has launched to encourage staff to get to know each other as individuals as well as colleagues by buddying up and participating in fun team-building events, from learning to surf to playing ping pong in your lunchbreak. Distributed internally, the promotional video is shown to new recruits as well as existing staff, many of whom decided to sign up to the new scheme after watching it.