From small charities wanting to raise brand awareness among the local community to national organisations looking to highlight a particular aspect of their fundraising, an engaging corporate video gives you the chance to tell your story using a medium designed to instantly engage your audience and illicit an emotional response.   

CapCo is adept at coming up with charity video ideas that will support your cause, highlight the people who give up their time to fundraise and tap into the consciousness of viewers. For example, we joined forces with the UK-based Shooting Star Chase charity, which runs 13 shops across Surrey and London, to highlight its Apprentice Shop Challenge – a fantastic team-building activity for businesses that involves teams of staff taking over charity shops for the day and competing to see who can raise the most amount of money. The video is now sent out to prospective local businesses to encourage them to sign up for this one-of-a-kind volunteering experience. 

At CapCo we encourage charities to think like a brand. One of the most effective ways to promote your charity is by sharing social media videos, which are a great way of fostering a relationship with your local supporters and attracting new ones. If you are looking for a videographer experienced in catching precious moments on film for your charity, please get in touch. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, once a month CapCo donates a free promotional video to a local charity.    

Cisco Shooting Stars

We were delighted to be invited to film a charity video at the Shooting Star Chase charity shop in Weybridge, Surrey, a local charity to CapCo. Showing an Appreciate Shop Challenge day in action, staff from the IT company Cisco descended on the shop armed with donated goods, freshly baked cakes and a very competitive spirit in a bid to raise the most amount of money for the children’s hospice charity. The video was very well received by both Shooting Star Chase and Cisco and now forms part of the charity’s online marketing strategy to encourage corporate volunteering. 

Parkinson’s UK

When a team of fundraisers from Chobham in Surrey gave up their time to raise money for Parkinson’s UK by conquering their fears and abseiling down from a 160-foot height, we were the digital marketing agency the charity chose to capture the moment with an event promotion video. The leading Parkinson’s research and support charity in the UK enlisted our help to draw attention to this debilitating disease, and the creative ways in which people help raise funds for Parkinson’s UK, via video content that could be shared across multiple social media platforms. 


Every year Newton, the leading UK-based specialist in operational improvement, organises an annual volunteering day to support its in-house charity, the Newton Foundation. Enthusiastically embraced by all employees, Newton asked CapCo to create an energetic and engaging corporate video to share with its staff that showcased the London-wide event, which consisted of 15 different activities taking place consecutively all over the city. We filmed teams as they packed 200 Christmas hampers for people in need, built beds, hosted care home parties and took over charity shops, perfectly capturing the infectious enthusiasm of the many staff who helped make the day an enormous success.