My Top 5: Increase Your Video Views

Now you've made all of this lovely video content (if you haven't, drop me a line. You're behind the 8 ball already) you now need to get people to watch said videos. Below are my top 5 tips on how to increase engagement and generally to be better at getting your video out there:

1. Facebook Blueprint

If you are a small organisation or even a corporate dipping your toes in the video content ocean then you'll want to visit Facebook Blueprint. Basically, Facebook have put together a huge amount of online courses to help people use their marketing tools more effectively. It's targeted to small organisations that may not have the budget to employ a full scale agency to run their social channels for them. It covers everything you need to know is short little modules which you can skip or re-play if and when you need to. As a corporate, you can start to play around with whats possible before you get budget sign off or be clued up before you go to your large scale agency so they don't stitch you up with huge costs for simple actions.

2. Audiences (Specifically Custom and Lookalike)

These two types of audiences are SUPER powerful if you want to grow your business. The following explanation is an excerpt from my book: Job, Career, Calling...

''A couple of years in to my role at iTICKET, I found out that an old line manager from Vodafone had scored himself a job at Google in Sydney. He then updated his LinkedIn page that he was now a Team Leader for Facebook in Auckland. Like any person similar to myself, I’d love to work for Facebook so I dropped him a line to see if there was anything going and if he was keen for a beer. Facebook grind their people pretty hard so all he had was about 15 minutes to chat about stuff. As soon as he arrived, we jumped right too it. Rather than talk about the jobs that would never come available because the team is about the size of a full car, we actually talked about innovation and the ‘new functionality’ that was coming up in Facebook. That night, I went home, researched the shit out of Custom Audiences and found myself at work early waiting in the meeting room to tell everyone about it. Fucking game changer.

You may already know about Custom Audiences on Facebook so apologies for teaching you to suck eggs. Everyone I have presented to on this had no idea. Shocker. If your company has a list of customer email address larger than 100, you can upload this list in to Facebook. If these customers use the same email address as their Facebook login (usually 2 in 3 people) then you can make use of the social behaviours that Facebook know about these people and market to them. You can’t extract the additional information but you can put an advert in front of them based on the behaviours. For example, if you are an online clothing store and you have a sale on over the weekend. You can get the list of emails, create a ‘Custom Audience’ via Facebook and get an advert directly in to their feed highlighting the sale. These people have purchased from you before so they are more than likely going to purchase again. To drill down even further, if these people have at some point in their life used the ‘Login via Facebook’ button on any other store, then Facebook knows how much they have spent in the last 30 days. A particular option to target the advert to are the ‘Highly engaged online spenders’. These are people who have spent more than $100 in the last 30 days online. This crowd are even MORE likely to purchase from your sale. Amazing huh? The next stage is to start segmenting your own database to generate multiple audiences. An example of this would be to get a list of people who have purchased a grey tee from your online store. Then, create a still image that shows only grey items in the photo and highlight the sale. Grey is probably their favourite colour (due to their purchasing behaviour) therefore they are more likely to engage with the post due to the image showing shit they can buy on the cheap and in their favourite colour.

One thing is to get current customers to spend more. Another is to gain new customers. That’s where ‘Lookalike Audiences’ come in. By grabbing your email database, uploading to Facebook, you generate an audience to market to. As Facebook has information (demographic and social behaviours) it can then go and find EVERYONE else who look similar to the first audience based on the language they use, the pages they like and the people they are connected with. This new audience doesn’t include the original audience and are the closest potential new customers you will ever find. I cannot stress enough how powerful this is. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Back to iTICKET. Using the purchasing behaviour of people going to events and pairing this with the social behaviours, you can market the events to the right people...not ALL the people. Imagine you’re a promoter that is putting on a house music event in Auckland. iTICKET can run a report from their own database that shows everyone who has purchased a ticket to a nightlife event. Plumb that sheet in to Facebook and market this event to those specific people. Winner. Then create a lookalike audience based on the nightlife list and market to those people as well. One ad is for getting current clients to spend more money. The second is to grow your client base. ‘Amazing’ I hear you say. ‘Why isn’t everyone doing this? you yell. Well, I ask myself the same thing. iTICKETS marketing capabilities now FAR out weigh that of the multinationals and they are probably two years ahead of them.''

3. First 5 Seconds

Guess what this could be. As I deal in the currency of video, I consume a lot of video. That also means I consume a lot of advertising. What I still can't get my head around is the fact that agencies are still making online video adverts (youtube specifically) that don't get the message across in the first 5 seconds. Ask yourself how many times you have watched a full advert before the 10 minute fail video you watch before you go to sleep. Exactly. Finger hovering like a vulture round an animal about to die, as soon as that button changes to 'skip advert' after the 5 second intro, it's clicked/tapped/pounced upon. Seldomly does that first 5 seconds have a logo, brand name said out loud or teaser as to what the video may be about. What a waste. 

You may not be using your video as an advert on YouTube but this strategy still needs to be present to capture the attention of the viewer. Get your logo at the start of the video, have the product visible at the start of the video. Grab their attention so they don't scroll away. If they do scroll away after 5 seconds, at least they've seen your logo or product. You'll notice that some movie trailers are starting to do it. First 5 seconds of the video is a super quick cut of the full trailer, then it plays the full 3 minute trailer. Perfect.

4. £1.99 Strategy

Mankind is no longer tricked by £1.99. We know that's £2 but we still do it. As video is a relatively new medium in comparison to currency we are still tricked by it. Keep your videos at 29 seconds and 59 seconds. Not 31 or 1.05. We're all lazy nowadays; not to mention our attention spans. If a video comes up in our feeds and it says its 5 minutes long, we aint gonna watch it. Keeping your videos short is the first step. Then you need to trick the view in to watching it. Using the £1.99 mentality, by cutting the videos to 29 seconds and not 31, the viewer will think to themselves 'Oh, I have half a minute in my life to watch this video'. Then, have a call to action to view the 5 minute video on your website. Grab their attention with a 29 second teaser, if they are a potential buyer, they'll wanna see more. Pull them from social and in to your 'store'.

5. How To Go Viral

I'll be honest this is not my tip. I'm just recommending you watch this video on the reasons why (or how) a video will go viral. There are only 3 reasons so adhere to these when making videos and with a little bit of luck (and paid promotions) you may get a few extra views:

That's it. That's my top 5 tips to getting more views. 

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Much Love

Gary Gumbleton