Mobile First from a Mobile Company

As a content expert, specifically video, I watch a lot of them. Loads in fact. Which sadly means I watch a lot of advertising. It’s about 50/50 on whether I watch the add in full to see how it pans out from a marketing perspective or if I skip within the first 5 seconds and test myself (and the brand) to see if I can guess who the advert was for.

One night when I was going through my nightly routine of watching FailArmy so I have a quick laugh before I go to sleep (always go to sleep happy), an advert came up for the new BT Family Sim offer. You know the one. It stars one of the avengers on a movie set trying to ‘Save the family' rather than ‘Save the family money’. Seen it a few hundred times on TV the week prior. (Video below).

What got my attention this time was that they started this advert differently. Normally (when I say normal, I mean on the TVC) the movie scene starts straight away. Right in the action. For the mobile version however, the ad started with the avenger climbing a ladder, green screen in the background, looking directly at the camera and saying ‘This should be fun’. Then the normal TVC starts.

Because of the change in intro, I watched the ad in full even tho I had seen it a hundred times before. The reason being was that as the intro was different, I thought the main body of the video may be different. BT tricked me in to watching the entire video by adding a new 3 second beginning. 

In my opinion, this is brilliant. BT probably knew I had seen the advert a few times from the TVC. Then, by giving me a unique experience via mobile, I watched the ad in full again. By choice. Perfect. 

This is true, mobile focused advertising. Giving the mobile user a different experience to ensure the message gets across on multiple platforms. 

So, well done BT. Whoever came up with that 3 second intro deserves a nod. They knew where the eyeballs were and how to keep them engaged.

That being said, I worked for Vodafone for 12 years so the advert was wasted on me from a consumer perspective (cut me and I bleed red). It did however make me write a blog about it so I guess it worked indirectly.