Friday Rant: Scooby Don't.

With my general commute each and every day, I get to look around and view/judge the marketing collateral plastered over the train stations like a painters radio.  


Two campaigns have piqued my interest of recent weeks; both of which are banks. As you can imagine, banks are not traditionally known for a non-conservative approach. With the wave of millenials coming in to a banks line of sight, they've had to change. One bank in particular (Lloyds) has gone for the emotive response with a 'we are here for your next step' kind of message. Pairing that with the image of two guys in a loving embrace with the tag line 'He said Yes!' its a great step forward. Admittedly, Lloyds are jumping on the coat tails of the growing acceptance of the open LGBT community. That's fine. I'm ok with that. The more major, conservative brands that embrace the LBGT community the more it will become the norm. 

 Bank Tube Station - London

Bank Tube Station - London

Then there is Halifax. Even the word 'fax' brings thoughts of off white plastic and CRT monitors. The Halifax have decided to get their new campaign hero'd by Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Yep. You heard it right.

Now, I can't work out who they are trying to appeal to here. Scooby Doo was a popular kids cartoon when I was young. If they feel that by bringing back said cartoon will appeal to my generation that have a bit more disposal income (reference to the pink pound) then they've got it wrong. I associate Scooby Doo with life from 20 years ago; then purely by association this is how I now feel about the Halifax. 


Surely, Halifax's agency would have looked at the competition to see what their core message was. Maybe they did and decided to try and cut though with a completely different message. Sadly, in my opinion, Lloyds won this battle of the streets. Pulling on the heart strings of the liberal is going to get you way more exposure than getting staff to act alongside a cartoon from the 80s.

Until next Friday.