Friday Rant: The War on Suits

Dear Male Londoners

Have we lost the ‘War on Suits’?

What kind of nation have we become that the only dress code allowed at work is a two piece, single breast with a tie and a collar?

Does a Windsor Knot help you hit your sales quota? Does a matching pink pocket square get you that contract you’ve been working towards? Do those shiny brown shoes actually advance you up the corporate ladder?

Men. Break out of the mould. Put down that pin stripe. Fold away that button down. Disregard that v-neck sweater and start making better (clothing) choices.

Its ok to be different. Be the guy that stands out at your lunch time meeting at The Oyster Bar or after work drinks at that place you all go to on a Friday...every Friday. You probably dislike your job/commute/work colleagues anyway so why not do it while looking good...not the same.

United we stand; divided we buy from Moss Bros.


Gary Gumbleton