Press Release - Capital Content Hits its 2nd Birthday

Video production company Capital Content celebrates second birthday with an exclusive offer aimed at local businesses 

Exclusive 24% discount on all video content booked by the end of April*

Founded in Weybridge, Surrey, Capital Content has announced an exclusive offer to celebrate two years of creating compelling video content for its clients. Any meetings booked by the end of April will receive a 24% discount on their project – the same number of months Capital Content has been in operation. 

Ever since Managing Director Gary Gumbleton launched his content company on 7 April 2017, Capital Content has experienced substantial growth. In total, the video production business has produced more than 3,000 videos for clients including Cisco, the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Newton Europe, LG and Brighton Uni, while in the last six months alone it has seen a growth in its revenue and customer base of a huge 400%.

Headquartered in a renovated 1,000 sq ft barn near Heathrow, it wasn’t long ago that Capital Content was being run by just one man, working in his living room armed with just his laptop and a camera. Gumbleton’s ambitious start-up has, in just two years, grown to a team of four full-time staff based at Capital Content HQ and 10 videographers. Not one to rest on his laurels, during the two years since launching Capital Content, Gumbleton has also founded two subsidiary companies, including Capital Conference.

“It has been an amazing few years,” says MD Gary Gumbleton. “I couldn't have predicted just 24 months ago that I would be travelling all over the country, from Cornwall to Cumbria, devising strategies and booking in filming for clients. It is great to be able to celebrate this milestone for Capital Content with a special offer that makes commissioning video content even more accessible for local businesses.” 

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About Capital Content:

Based in Weybridge, Surrey, Capital Content produces high-quality videos for small business and corporate clients for distribution on websites and social media. Through a range of powerful, authoritative and engaging videos, Capital Content aims to break down the traditional barriers of creating video content – which is often regarded as an expensive, non-quantifiable extra when it comes to business – and offer an accessible service that is personalised to each client.   

Capital Content is able to offer all the benefits of a large-scale digital agency without the huge outlay. This is achieved by only charging for the video production fees whilst also handling the strategy, concept creation and narrative direction required to give a video authenticity, accessibility and originality. 

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*new clients only

Gary Gumbleton