What makes a good corporate promotional video?

Capital Content are different to other digital agencies where we don’t charge for the ideas or concepts. We only charge for the production.

The way we approach video content strategy is simple. It’s all objective based. If a corporate business wants to raise brand awareness or sell more product for example, we come up with the concepts and produce the videos that help achieve the objectives.

It’s all built around a TV network. Each ‘channel’ of content has it’s own objective and has ‘seasons’ and ‘episodes’ to help segment the content.

The three main channels of content that any business should have are:

Thought Leadership

These are short form videos that highlight specific topics within your own industry. You’re not teaching people exactly how to do things; it’s more of an insight in to your business and how well you know the industry. They are conversation starters and act as a thinly veiled sales pitch. You are giving the viewer a selfless gift which kicks off the sales process.

Behind The Scenes

People buy from people. Purchasers want to see behind the logo so you need to ‘humanise’ your business. If you can show the interested public who the people are and what you do on a daily basis then you’ll have an edge over your competitor. Shoot some raw footage using your phones and post it up. Moving office, Friday drinks or team building exercises are great examples of content to shoot.

Community Involvement

This is for the millennial buying group. These guys want a moral and/or ethical company to spend their money with. If you can highlight what you do for the community; whether it be sponsoring a local football team or running a 5k for charity, people want to see what you do for others. It’s not just about how good your product is, it’s also about how good your people are to others.

There are obviously loads of ideas for content but the three channels above the the essentials ALL businesses should address when making video content. The title of this blog is deceiving. A corporate promotional video is not just a single video. It’s channels, seasons and episodes of content. Don’t make one long video. Make 5 short ones.

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Gary Gumbleton

Managing Director

Gary Gumbleton