Video content for events.

When I say events, I don’t mean just millennials in a field…this incorporates ALL events. Whether that be conferences, client breakfasts etc, every event needs support in marketing and video can do just that.

Obviously, the type of content differs between the types of events but fundamentally, the majority of ‘event organisers’ are going it wrong.

What an event organiser forgets is to market the event for the following year. They are usually so deep in to this years event that they don’t want to event think about whats going in for year two. If an event organiser wanted to reduce their workload or increase ticket sales for an event, they need to sort out their content strategy the year before.

I think the key strategy for any festival/music based event is to promote via social but sell via their website. To get video content to align with this strategy, you need to create an overall highlight reel of the event and then cut short trailers with a CTA to watch more on your website. By dong this, you capture the interest of the viewer with a short video and then pull them away from your social feeds and on to your website where you have the buy now buttons. You can only achieve this strategy if you have foresight in shooting a highlight reel in year one, in prep for year two.

Thinking more conservative events (client breakfast, internal conference etc), I would suggest trying to get the most value out of the event as possible. If you’re a multinational corporate business, why not stream the talks live via a (closed) YouTube link. Or you can shoot the talks in their entirety and upload them to your intranet for resource and training.

I think the overall thought here is value. If 500 people come to your event then only 500 people will see it. If you make a video of your event, everyone (budget depending) will see it.

If you want to talk video content on a ‘no win, no fee’ (lol) basis then drop me a line.

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Gary Gumbleton