Videographer vs Agency

As an organisation, you have two options when making video content:

  1. You can go directly to a videographer

  2. You can use a content agency

If you pick a videographer, you going to need an idea. Generally, a videographer is only there to push the buttons. They will need some sort of direction and you will need to have the concept of the video written up for them to follow. This option is relatively cost effective if you don’t take in to account the time taken internally to come up with the concept/strategy of the content.

If you choose an agency to create your video content for your business then everything will be taken care of. They will have a team of people that can manage all aspects of the content strategy such as concept, production and distribution. However, the cost can rise considerably.

Both options have their pros and cons but it’s all down to how creative your own business is and how strong your overall strategy is based on your objectives.

Capital Content sit in the middle of of this where we can handle the concept and the strategy but we only charge for the production.

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Gary Gumbleton