5 Golden Rules When Making Your Own Video Content


If your budgets don’t stretch for an agency to create your video content (they probably will if you just talk to them/us) then it’s time to start making your own. However, there are 5 golden rules before you press record.


I’m assuming you have your content strategy all planned out and you’ve written down all of the videos you want to record. Keeping a certain level of production is key to creating engaging content. Here are our 5 golden rules to ensure this happens.


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The Talent

What you need its a ‘Howard’. If you can remember, Howard was a staff member of the Halifax who became C-List famous for fronting their adverts. Every organisation needs a Howard. This person needs to be comfortable with public speaking and know your product/industry inside and out. Don’t just pick the MD because they are senior. Ensure you choose the right ‘Howard’ for the job. Sales people tend to be the best at this as this is kind of what they do on a day to day basis.

The Background

Think about what is in the background of the video. Think about what you want people to see vs what you don’t want them to see. My suggestion is to go for a plain white wall (if you’re using a smartphone to shoot. If you can put a plant in there then great…maybe even one of those roll top banners that you have lying around for conferences. Either way, make sure there is a tidy desk policy in place and not too much foot traffic in the background.

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The Audio

I’ve written about this before but the difference between good video and shit video is audio. Assuming you’re using a smartphone, treat yourself to a £10 lapel mic from Amazon. Clip it on the talents lapel, hide the cable and plug it in the phone. If you think about it, when you’re filming your talent, YOU will be the one near the microphone as the talent will be 2 to 3 meters away. No one wants to hear your heavy breathing so plug in a lapel and everyone will be happy.

The Framing

If you don’t know already, use the ‘rule of thirds’. Frame the talent on the lines shown below. Have them looking off camera and add some background detail to the other line. Now that I’ve told you this, you’ll notice the ‘rule of thirds’ in every video you ever watch.

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 12.00.14.png

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 12.12.09.png

The Subject

I mean, you might have all the knowledge of shooting video in the world but if you ain’t got an idea on what you want to shoot then you ain’t gonna make a good video. Obvs Capital Content can help with coming up with ideas but the key thing here is ‘Don’t sell’. Show people you know about your industry by talking about current affairs within it. Maybe try some staff profiles. Fundamentally, it’s about story telling. If I show you a picture of a bottle of coke, you’re not going to engage with it. If I tell you story about a boy saving up his pocket money to buy his crush a cold bottle of coke, then you’re gonna watch that story.


If you want to dabble in making your own content then these are the foundational rules to keep your production high. Really you should be using an agency to create these but for you to see how important video content is to your marketing mix without spending a penny, then start making it yourself. Once you’ve done that, come speak to me and I’ll strike you a deal.

Peace and chicken grease

Gary Gumbleton

Gary GumbletonMr