Can schools, colleges and universities use video in their marketing mix?

To be honest, everyone can use video content in their marketing mix but educational organisations can for sure. In fact, there are not many of them doing it right...or even doing it at all. 

I guess some of the challanges for creating video content is circled around cost. But if they can look past the initial pricing of creating promotional videos and see the reduced ongoing costs in comparison to print then really, creating video content could cost less and get higher engagement/convert eyeballs in to enrolment.  

Schools and colleges are no different to corporate organisations. They offer a service, they get revenue for said service and have to sell to customers (albeit their customers are mums and dads). 

People in charge of making marketing choices for their respective schools tend to have been in the industry for a long time. This can sadly mean that they want to carry on investing in what I call legacy marketing tools such as print. With print in particular, there is the concept and design phase. This is probably only 10% of the overall cost as the print run to get glossy brochures sorted could cost a fair bit. Not to mention the waste that this process generates.  

What happens at an open day? One parent takes their child on a tour of the school or university, they are then given a wodge of glossy brochures to take home and ‘digest’ which means ‘give to the other parent to read’ and hope that these brochures convert it in to a ‘sale’. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could, as the first parent leaves, email them a video tour of the campus hosted by the Principal or the Head Teacher. They then show the video on their phone to the 2nd parent and they have pretty much had the same experience. You’ve also captured their email address so you can continue to market to them as well as generate that ever valuable database that you can market and expand using social media. 

So in answer to my own question, yes, a school CAN use video content as part of their social media mix. In fact, they should be and if they are not, they are going to be left behind. 

If you want to talk more about how educational bodies can better their video content strategy or even talk about ideas on what video content to make themselves, just drop me a line. 


Gary Gumbleton

Founder - CapCo Group

Gary Gumbleton