What's the difference between good video and sh*t video?

Answer: Audio.

Simple. The difference between good video and sh*t video is audio.

I mean, obviously talent, equipment, strategy etc is relatively essential but if you have ALL of those things nailed and your audio is sh*t then you’ve wasted everyones time.

There’s a couple of ways to address the audio when making video content. I’m going to assume that the majority of your video content is going to be interview based. The shoot is going to be in one of your meeting rooms, with an iPhone. I would hope that you have framed up the interviewee on the rule of thirds, mid shot (waist up) and they are looking off camera.

By now, the person is a few meters from the iPhone and they are sitting in a chair in a pretty much empty room. If you shoot this video right now, without thinking of audio, three things are going to happen

  1. The audio is going to be quiet

  2. It’s going to have natural reverb on it (echoey)

  3. We’re going to hear the person heavy breathing as they are standing behind the phone

The way to avoid this happening is to invest in a microphone {shocked face emoji}. Either purchase a wired lapel mic (ensure it has 3 black rings on the headphone jack) that can reach from the smartphone to the interviewee or, if you’re really serious, you should treat yourself to one of these:


Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 14.55.20.png

This will connect to your smartphone and record all of your audio perfectly. Even if you walk out of range from the phone, it will still record the audio and then transmit it to the phone when you’re back in range. REJOICE!!

I’ve only touched on the subject of audio but this is a good starter for ten. For more tips and tricks, come look at our blog.

Gary Gumbleton