Community Involvement - EdAble Social Kitchen

When we build a video content strategy for our clients, we suggest a minimum of these specific three channels: 


Thought Leadership

Behind the scenes

Community Involvement  


To highlight the community involvement channel; this is for the millennial buying group. These cats have disposable income, they want to research a product online before they purchase and they want the organisation they are spending with to have a moral/good natured element to them. If you can highlight what good you do for your community then the purchaser is going to choose you over a competitor that doesn’t highlight it. 

The overall CI channel incorporates two strategies: The £1m/£2m (if you spend £1m on charity, you should spend £2m telling everyone about it) and the Boomerang (if you give to your community, your community will give back to you). 

At Capital Content, we try to drink our own champagne so have invested in our local community through two entities. We sponsor a local football team (Go AFC Brooklands) with our logo on their jersey which provides them with a kit for the entire team (and the coaches) for the next 2 years and we have also recently provided a full digital strategy and a bunch of video content production to a social enterprise called EdAble.  Here is the first vid off the ranks for these guys:



If your staff are doing a tough mudder, or a 5k run for charity, make sure you create content from this and post it over your social media channels. Leverage this activity to create eyeballs and convert in to sales...all while doing something good for the community.


If you want help coming up with ideas for your corporate video production, drop us a line. 


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Gary Gumbleton