The automotive industry has many areas of expertise, as illustrated by our recent corporate video examples below. From local companies to long-established brands, what our clients share is a desire to stand out in this highly competitive arena and promote their business in a way that resonates with both existing and potential clients.  

Video content can play a vital role in your automotive marketing strategy, whether you are looking for a local business video production company who can create a one-off promotional video or you are seeking more creative ways to market your business to improve your online presence and increase engagement with your audience. 

The way it works with Capital Content is simple. As a content-led digital marketing agency, we will help you come up with the ideas and concepts that will help you achieve your objectives via inspiring content filmed by our professional videographers. Unlike other marketing companies, we don’t charge for our ideas. Our clients only pay for the video production, which allows us to offer all the benefits of a full-service digital agency without the eye-watering rates. 

If you are in the automotive industry and are looking for fresh new ways to promote your business, we’d love to hear from you. 

Moss meets Pipey McGraw

A fan of “stand out, brash, wild cars”, CapCo’s promotional video for Moss Europe – the world’s oldest and largest British car parts supplier – features the lowered-car legend Pipey McGraw discussing one of his most ambitious projects yet. Designed to engage with a new generation of classic car enthusiasts, Moss was looking for a local business video production company capable of capturing the raw passion of McGraw, who regularly enlists the help of Moss to hunt out hard-to-find parts for his projects. We were happy to oblige with this fascinating promo video, shot by one of our professional videographers and featuring exclusive insights from one of the leading experts in his field. 

Joe Macari Performance Cars - London

An independent car expert with more top-end performance models than any other dealer in the UK, Joe Macari got in touch with CapCo because he was looking for someone to help with his small business marketing. His first foray into corporate videos, Macari wanted something simple and stylish that would give viewers an insight into his rarefied world and raise brand awareness of his exclusive offering. By enlisting the help of CapCo’s full video production services, Macari was able to showcase some of the finest Ferraris on display in his showroom via an engaging new medium. 

Surrey Auto Works

The owner of Surrey Auto Works, Kaz Collins, contacted CapCo because he was looking for a new way of advertising his local business on his website and across social media. Unsure of how to take his company to the next level, we met with Collins to find out more about Surrey Auto Works and his unique approach to doing business. The resulting company video is an excellent example of how to successfully market your business online to a local audience. Engaging and emotive, it gives viewers an insight into the wealth of experience shared by the passionate motor enthusiasts who work at Surrey Auto Works and how the company’s “old school” reputation has been built on its friendly and honest service.